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Employers Stress The Permanence Of Work From Home

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Last year, everyone viewed the covid-19 pandemic as something solely bookended in 2020. Now, with more than over half of 2021 behind us, many it feels like a continuance of 2020. Though the vaccines have allowed many to return to normal life, the hard fact is that a great many more are still seeing the need to self isolate. This in due partly, to the new delta variant and the recent announcements that we all may need booster shots.

To some businesses that moved their employees to a work-from-home setup, this is a cause for concern. In recent news, Apple Inc. has become the latest major employer that has delayed a return to work for its remote employees. They aren’t the only ones. Numerous others including Microsoft, Dell & Amazon have made similar moves.

This growing trend may cause businesses globally to have to reconsider the initial temporary status placed on work-from-home jobs. In an effort to get people back into offices the current white house administration is calling on businesses to require vaccinations in light of the recent news of the full FDA approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. This has already caused several mandates by employers to be imposed with more to follow.

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