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Tips To Staying Healthy While Working At Home

Working from home can present various challenges as people tend to let go of their healthy habits.

However, and as the COVID pandemic helped to emphasize, many workers can do their jobs remotely without impacting their productivity.

The downside of working from home is the sedentary lifestyle that one can easily indulge in without even feeling it.

To help you combat these bad habits, we will share some practical tips to promote your health and prevent diseases.

Tips to stay healthy while working from home

1.      Prepare your own meals

Women deciding what to cook

One of the best ways to make sure that you are eating healthy is by preparing your meals.

You see, when you order a pizza or a burger, you will not feel as guilty about it since you are unaware of the ingredients they contain.

However, preparing your meals will make you more conscious about your choices, which helps you become more careful about the number of unhealthy ingredients you include.

2.      Practice some yoga

Young woman doing yoga at home

Yoga is an excellent choice to keep your mind and body healthy.

Some benefits of practicing yoga include:

Reduces stress

Yoga is a very powerful anxiolytic activity that controls the levels of cortisol (i.e., the primary stress hormone) in the blood.

Researchers found that chronic stress predisposes people to all types of illnesses, including heart disease and diabetes.

Optimizes heart function

In one study, scientists found that 3 months of practicing yoga significantly lowers blood pressure and waist circumference.

Another study demonstrated the positive effects of yoga on a heart condition known as atrial fibrillation (A-fib).

3.      Get a sit-stand desk

Man working at desk standing.

A sit-stand desk is basically a desk that you can use to work in a sitting or standing position. By adjusting the hinges of the desk, you can change the height to fit your body and make working more comfortable.

While research in this field is still preliminary, a sit-stand desk seems to offer a lot of impressive health benefits.

Lowers the Risk of Weight Gain

Spending an afternoon of sedentary work in the standing position can result in burning 170 more calories compared to just sitting down.

The alternation between the sitting and the standing position is a great way to keep your muscles engaged and lose weight.

May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

In a study that recruited 10 office workers, researchers found that standing for 180 minutes after lunch lowered the blood sugar spike by 43% compared to sitting for the same duration.

May Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

One study found that bus drivers that stood almost all day had half the risk of heart disease compared to their colleagues who sat down during the same period. Using the sit-stand desk allows you to stimulate your cardiovascular system.

Reduces Back Pain

Participants reported a 32% improvement in the symptoms of lower back pain after using a standing desk for several weeks.

Improves Energy Levels

One study concluded that using a sit-stand desk produces less stress and fatigue compared to sitting down all day.

Furthermore, around 87% of people who used standing desks noted that their energy levels increased during the day.

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The Takeaway

Staying active and eating balanced meals is the only way to stay healthy while working from home. Regardless of how cheesy and worn out this statement may sound, it is simply the truth.

We hope that this article managed to shed some light on the important tips to maintain your health while working from home.

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