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Top 5 Places To Sell Used Clothes Fast

Used clothing is probably not the fastest-selling merchandise. However, if you really want to get rid of some robes to rearrange your cluttered closet, don’t throw them away!

If you literally want to go from rags to riches, there are ways to sell your old used wardrobe online and fast! It’s a cool way to earn some extra money while contributing to the environment, as you are basically allowing those pieces of cloth to be recycled or given a second chance.

These are 5 OF THE MOST POPULAR ONLINE SITES YOU CAN USE to sell your used wardrobe with ease:


Unless you’ve been living in a shack or under a rock, you may have already heard of Facebook. Most probably, you have a Facebook profile with gazillions of photos.

What you probably didn’t know is that you can also use Facebook to sell clothes for cash! It’s probably not the first innovative thing that Facebook did, but the Marketplace adds another layer of utility to the platform that goes beyond simply sharing personal stuff with friends.

The startup process is also quite simple. It also gives you the option to SEND YOUR CLOTHES BY MAIL IN EXCHANGE FOR A SMALL FEE, if you’re not up to the task of delivering them yourself.

It’s great because it gives you the ability to sell used clothes online without so much hassle and it works for casual sellers.

If you want to establish a more serious business then you can consider setting up a Facebook Shop, which has some additional requirements.

Lady Shopping For Clothes


EBAY is another online marketplace that has the longstanding fame of being very liberal, a free _market oasis _where you can sell virtually any piece of used garment without the usually strict filters that other marketplaces have.

The platform only charges a small fee but the whole transaction is arranged between the vendor and the buyer directly. There is also a bidding option that works similar to an auction house. The highest bidder gets the prize!


Etsy is gaining a lot of ground in recent years, though it is mostly aimed at large-scale retail sellers. Nonetheless, if you have a huge number of vintage garments to sell, you can consider this as an alternative.

You have to pay certain fees for payment processing as well as transaction, but they are affordable and you can set up a free account.

Lady Shopping For Clothes


Following this trend of lowercased-first-letter brands, THREDUP boasts of being one of the first marketplaces of its kind and has a peculiar business model that distinguishes it from the rest.

At first, it was an online platform aimed at men who wanted to swap shirts, then it shifted towards female and children secondhand clothing.

The difference with other platforms is that you basically send them a bag with all the clothes you want to get rid of by ordering a Clean Out Kit.

They will choose the pieces that they’ll put on sale, take professional photos of them and upload them on the platform.

The rest will be either recycled or returned to the owner, depending on the deal you arranged with them. In return, you’ll receive a payout percentage in money and store credit for every item.

The advantages of this platform are numerous, especially if you want to sell your used clothes fast. You don’t have to wait for a buyer to show interest to receive cash, nor do you have to do the work of taking the photos and promoting them.

However, you won’t receive the full value for your name-brand clothes, which might be a deal-breaker for some.


Poshmark is another popular site that has over 25 million items on its catalog.

It works similar to eBay, in the sense that the transactions are almost entirely arranged between the buyer and the seller, and there is no high-end requirement for items to be put on sale (they don’t need to be “posh”, ironically!). It’s also very easy!

You simply take a photo of the garment and upload it to your “closet”. It works very similarly to a social media platform in that you can share videos and photos to bring value to your items, as well as reply to the comments and offers from the users.

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