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Top 6 Content Mills To Work For

Let’s face it, it’s a tough economy and the pandemic hasn’t made it easier. Everyone could use a little extra cash each month. Below, is a list I’ve compiled of websites that offer remote work-from-home opportunities for writers.

There’s a little something for everyone in this list. If you have plenty of writing experience and a portfolio, you shouldn’t have any problems being accepted by many of them. If however, you have little experience, don’t fret. You may still find something here if you can demonstrate strong writing skills.

A note about this list. I’ve personally research every entry added here. While that doesn’t mean it’s 100% accurate, it does mean I’ve taken the time to weed out scams the best I can. I’ve tried to include only those places that actually pay for the writing you do for them.

Finally, I’ve tried to list these in order of how easy the application process appears to be. Though, I admit it’s a relative and somewhat arbitrary rating system. What’s easy for one person, may be difficult for the next. Generally, if you’re just starting out and have little experience, you might have better luck with those marked easy rather than hard. But I digress, your millage may vary.


iWriter is an interesting entry. From what I can tell. iWriter pay based on a tier system. The more articles you have written for them, the higher your tier, therefor the more you earn.

From what I could find writers get to keep around 80% of the revenue. For example, if you’re just starting out you might expect to get $1.25 for a 150 word article. However, if your an Elite Plus writer you could expect $11.50 for the same article. It pays off to be a high tier writer here.

Your tier is determined by the ratings you receive from clients. The application process is relatively straight forward. Submit a writing sample on the topic of their choosing and you’re off to the races.

I gave iWriter an Easy rating because their submission process is simple only requiring a basic grammar test and 200 word writing sample.

Pay: $1.25-$260 per article

Requirements: None listed other than presenting a writing sample.

Link: iWriter Writer’s Application

Content Gather

With Content Gather, you have two ways to make money as a writer

  1. You can place articles for sale on their marketplace that you have written in advance. Clients then browse the marketplace and have the opportunity to purchase articles that appeal to them.
  2. With custom jobs. Here, clients submit work orders. Then, Content Gather matches the request with the writers they feel are best suited for the job. If it’s something you’d like to work on, you then have the opportunity to accept the job and begin work.

Something that makes them unique is that they post their resent sales on their website. You can check it out here.

Pay: $.01-.10 per word

Requirements: Original Content.

Link: Contentgather Signup Form

Antique Typewriter


Much like iWriter, and many other content mills, Textbroker appears to operate on a rating system as well. From what their website says, your rating is determined by how well you write. But, whereas iWriter uses client feedback it seems Textbroker rates your work themselves. “We rate all content based on spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure, style, readability, order compliance and other factors.” Click for more information on the Textbroker rating system. A one star writer might expect to make 1 cent per word whereas a 5 star writer might get up to 5 cents per word.

Pay: $.01-.05 per word based on Textbroker’s Payment Page

Requirements: CV and writing sample required.

Link: TextBroker Writer’s Application


Copify is an interesting entry. On their front page they boast logos from Ebay, Amazon and others as clients. They claim to be “The Leading Website Copywriting Service”. The pay scale for writers is a little hazy without signing up and having first hand experience. From what I could tell, a writer might expect to make 2-4 cents per word. It’s unclear if a rating system is used.

Pay: $.02-.04 per word

Requirements: Unknown.

Link: Copify Writer Registration

Writer Access

Writer Access is geared more towards the established writer. Their signup form requires you to have a Resume, Portfolio of work and prior experience. You create an online profile and are matched with various clients based on your rating and experience.

According to their website writers are payed based on a rating system. A 3 star writer can expect to ear 2.8 cents per word. However, a 6 star writer can expect to get 7 cents per word. They state that some 6 star writers can earn $150 per word. It doesn’t appear to be a typo. Your star rating is assigned to you based on experience.

6 Star Orders pay 7.0 cents to $150 or more per word

Pay: $.028-.07 per word

Requirements: Hand Reviewed, Resume, Portfolio.

Link: Overview and Application

Constant Content

Constant content lets clients order custom articles or ready made content. The former, works similar to other content mills. You are payed based on your writing level and if your article is accepted by the client. The latter however, seems to suggest that you can write articles before hand and put them up for sale in their marketplace. A client then has to opportunity to purchase various levels of licenses including usage, unique and full rights. Check out their website for more details about how their licensing system works.

As for requirements, when you register you are given a very basic grammar test consisting of 5 questions. Then, they give you a writing prompt for which you are required to write a 100-250 word article on.

Pay: $.05-.07 per word

Requirements: Grammar Test, Writing sample.

Link: Constant Content Writer’s Application

Final Thoughts

One can definitely make money writing for agencies such as these however, due to the low pay and short deadlines, speed is the key. So, if you think you can pump out content at a good clip, give them a try. They can be especially helpful if you are new to the scene or are not yet able to source clients yourself. As always, having a direct relationship with your client will prove to be better in the long term.

What's on your mind? Did I leave something out? Tell everyone what you think of this post.

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